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Power Hearing Aid Domes

Power Hearing Aid Domes

A hearing aid dome is the soft, little bell-shaped piece of plastic that attaches to the end of the receiver and fits in the ear canal. All ears are different, so our Soundwave ear domes come in three variations: Power Domes, Open Domes, and Tulip Domes. Soundwave Power Ear Domes come in three sizes: small (11mm), medium (13mm), and large (14mm.) Soundwave Power Ear Domes are sold in sets of 10. If Power Hearing Aid Domes aren’t the right choice for you, consider  Open Hearing Aid Domes or Tulip Hearing Aid Domes instead. If you need assistance determining which type of hearing aid domes are best for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you determine which type of dome is right for you and your ear.