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  • About Us

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    Our founders – Anthony, Chris and Joe – established Soundwave Hearing on three core principles: Simplicity. Affordability. Convenience.

    At Soundwave Hearing, we are passionately committed to the idea that good hearing health improves lives. We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality hearing technology without the barriers of cost, time or stigma. By taking advantage of the ease and accessibility of the mobile phone in your pocket, we offer cutting-edge and stylish hearing solutions at an extremely affordable price, allowing you to set up, customize and adjust your hearing from the comfort and privacy of home in just 3 minutes. Our amazing otoTune® App blends artificial intelligence, Bluetooth technology and patented software to work with our Sontro® OTC Hearing Aids, so you can confidently rejoin the conversation and never miss another word.

    We have achieved this breakthrough for the newly created Over-the-Counter (OTC) hearing aid category thanks to the specialized backgrounds of each of our founders.

    • Anthony, our President, brings 15 years of experience from the traditional hearing aid industry to help guide our overall vision, combining the rigorous standards of high-quality hearing health with the new opportunities available thanks to mobile phone technology.
    • Chris, our Chief Technology guru, developed our proprietary, patented otoTune App to ensure that anyone with a mobile phone can easily test, program and adjust their Sontro OTC Hearing Aids in the comfort of home.
    • Joe, our Chief Engineer, adds his knowledge of design, engineering and manufacturing to ensure that our Sontro OTC Hearing Aids are stylish, comfortable and state-of-the-art, while meeting the highest standards of FDA registration.

    We are thrilled to be innovating hearing science during such an exciting time. At Soundwave Hearing, we truly believe that everyone has the right to hear clearly, to engage dynamically with family, friends and colleagues and to lead a full life.

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