Be transformed from hearing impaired to hearing empowered.

Get one month free of Amptify DTx, the digital hearing health program, with your purchase of Sontro® Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids.

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The Mission: to inspire and enable you to live a happier and more confident life.

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Sontro Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids use state-of-the-art technology that is simple, affordable, and convenient. When you purchase our hearing aids, you receive our free otoTune® app that allows you to customize your hearing aids in 3-minutes.

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What is Amptify and Why are we teamed up?

Think of the Amptify DTx as the physical rehab for your hearing that integrates fully with your Sontro Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids. 

Amptify's listening games are the equivalent of physical therapy for your ears, just as you might receive physical therapy for a repaired knee or shoulder. People with hearing loss can lose ground in communication because they often miss what is said in conversation. Amptify DTx is designed to counterbalance this by helping your brain adjust to amplified sound and optimize its real-life use.

As you play the games, you’ll be exercising your:

  • Auditory attention – Your ability to listen when there’s competing noise;
  • Auditory processing speed – How quickly your brain can recognize what people say; and
  • Auditory memory – Your brain’s ability to hold on to what you hear so you can process its meaning and then store it into long-term memory.

We’ve mapped out your hearing health journey

Soundwave Hearing is excited to announce a partnership with Amptify, the leading hearing health platform!

With your purchase of Sontro Self-Fitting OTC hearing aids, you’ll receive four complimentary weeks of the online 12-week program, which includes:

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Professional coaching: An Amptify hearing coach will answer any questions and support you as you begin to use your Sontro Self-Fitting OTC hearing aids.

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Listening games: While wearing your Sontro Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids, these fun and engaging games will develop your ability to recognize the spoken words.  Playing the games will reduce your listening effort because they will exercise and stimulate your auditory brain skills.

Small Illustration for Interactive Curriculum

Curriculum: A daily interactive curriculum will guide you through the steps involved in handling your hearing aids and will educate you about hearing loss, reading lips, and maintaining auditory brain health.

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Support community: An active online community of other new Sontro Self-Fitting OTC hearing aid users will share with you their experiences and listening tips.


Sontro Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids and Amptify are an Integral part of your Hearing Health Toolbox

To compliment your Sontro® Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids and otoTune® app, Amptify DTx brings a host of therapeutic tools to the palm of your hand. Retrain your brain’s auditory regions and learn strategies for successful conversations.


Sontro Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • FDA Registered, Class 2 medical device
  • AI to expand your hearing range across 16 channels. 
  • Receivers (speakers) that amplify sound in the ear canal (RIC) for high-quality sound
  • Makes soft sounds louder without making loud sounds uncomfortable 
  • Risk-free purchase, 45-day money-back guarantee 
  • Free shipping, returns, and customer support


otoTune App

  • The only 2-button, 3-minute hearing customization
  • A l technology
  • Automatically adjusts to your environment (quiet, noisy, or entertainment)
  • Programs to Your Specific Hearing Loss
  • Easy to connect to Android® OS 6.0+ or iPhone® iOS 11.0+
  • Clinically Validated, Northwestern Clinic of Audiology


Amptify DTx App

  • Access to a hearing coach
  • Peer Support Community
  • Interactive hearing health curriculum
  • Auditory brain training games clinically validated and supported by scientific research
  • 1 month free

Better Quality of Life

There's more to better hearing than hearing aids. Through daily lessons and hearing games, Amptify empowers you to take charge of your hearing journey. Better communication=better quality of life.

Practice and train on your schedule for just a few minutes per day. Engage with a hearing health coach and supportive peer community.


Amptify DTx includes many training games to exercise your auditory brain skills!

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