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     A online hearing test to help you assess your need for Sontro® Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids.

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    Understanding Your Hearing

    Step 1

    No one likes a challenging exam, so we made ours simple. You can take a free online hearing test on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop – and with your headphones, as an initial step to understand your hearing loss.

    • Make sure you are in a quiet location; dogs’ barking and loud music are not optimal.
    • The online hearing test will ask you a few questions about yourself. Second, connect your headphones to your phone, tablet, or laptop. The online hearing test will then take you through a series of sounds and words, asking you to click a button when you hear the sound and at what level.
    • The test will calculate your results in one of the following categories:
      • good hearing
      • hearing loss
      • significant hearing loss
    • We’ll send you the results directly to your inbox!
    • The test will take about 5 minutes to complete, and the results will provide you with information to help you decide if Sontro Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids may be an excellent choice for you.

    If you have hearing loss, Sontro Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids are a simple, affordable, and convenient solution.

    Step 2

    Once you purchase Sontro Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids, we will have you take our 3-minute, patented two-button at-home hearing test on our otoTune® app. The otoTune app automatically tests both ears simultaneously with your Sontro Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids, delivering quick, accurate results. The otoTune app’s results are clinically verified and comparable to professionally administered audiograms.

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