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    Sports Locks

    If you want to make sure your hearing aids stay securely in your ear, you need Sports Locks. Sports Locks are used to keep the hearing aid from falling out of your ear.

    The Sport Lock can be installed by yourself and function similarly to a cable zip tie, attaching to the RIC and curling around the outside bowl, or concha of the ear, to add extra support to your hearing aid placement.

    • Soundwave Sport Locks are sold in packages of ten each.

    We recommend changing out your Sports Locks when they begin to become brittle. This length of time can be different for everyone. It will depend on how often you use your hearing aid.

    Sports Locks aren’t just for hearing aid wearers who engage in athletic activities. They work well for anyone who has larger ear canals or even if you would just like an extra secure fit for your hearing aids.