Do you have questions about your Sontro™ AI Hearing Aids or otoTune™ mobile App? We’ve got the answers for you here.

Information on Hearing Loss

Do you often feel that others are mumbling or speaking quietly? Do you have difficulty hearing everyday sounds such as the radio or television? Have you found yourself avoiding social situations because it’s difficult to fully hear and comprehend everything that is taking place? These are just a few warning signs that you may be experiencing hearing loss.

Damage to the inner ear, this can be caused by persistent, loud noise exposure or aging
Gradual buildup of earwax

Ear infections or abnormal bone growth


Ruptured eardrum

We do! For any wholesale inquiries, please feel free to get in touch with us and we can discuss further. 

Before Buying

Only hearing optimally out of one ear can be very disorienting. For the best experience, and for the highest quality of life, all Soundwave hearing devices are sold as a set because the brain processes hearing signals from both ears for improved clarity and a more balanced sound.

Even though you may only have hearing loss in one ear, both Soundwave Hearing devices will need to be programmed at the same time to optimize your hearing assessment. After this is done, the left or right hearing device can be worn on the ear with the hearing loss.

Traditional hearing amplifiers (Personal Sound Amplification Products or PSAPs) and hearing aids improve our ability to hear. Both instruments amplify sound with similar form and function. Hearing aids are programmed to fit a patient’s specific hearing loss based on a patient’s hearing test results (audiogram). Most PSAPs, on the other hand, can’t be programmed to a patient’s specific hearing loss. PSAPs simply amplify all sounds, but hearing aids only amplify the sounds you need (i.e. make soft sounds louder and keep loud sounds comfortable). In addition, hearing aids are typically not covered by health insurance and can cost on average $4,000 per set. GREAT NEWS…All Soundwave hearing aids use the otoTune™ mobile app software to determine your specific hearing profile and program amplification settings to meet your hearing needs. The otoTune software is engineered for performance on mobile phones, using state-of-the-art machine learning (i.e. artificial intelligence) to select which hearing frequency and intensity regions should be tested to determine your hearing profile efficiently and automatically. Your personal results are wirelessly programmed to your Soundwave hearing aids for further customization. All Soundwave hearing aids are Bluetooth-enabled to wirelessly enhance your listening environment.

While hearing aids can’t restore your hearing back to your youth, they can greatly improve hearing for a large majority of people. Your satisfaction depends on the severity of your hearing loss. For best results, wear your hearing aids for 21 days, as it can take your brain that long to adjust to the devices.

All Soundwave hearing aids come with assorted sizes of ear domes to optimize the ideal fit for your ears. You will receive your hearing aids with a size medium receiver attached to each hearing device. If the receiver tube does not lay flat against your head when the ear dome is placed in the ear canal, please contact customer service to determine if a small or larger receiver is needed. Our customer support specialists will be able to advise you on how to get the best fit from your hearing devices or may be able to provide you with additional sizes of ear domes or receiver tubes to better suit your needs. Contact Customer Support at 833-367-HEAR (4327), Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Central Standard Time for assistance.

Our products are not indicated for use by anyone under 18 years of age.

Yes. Simply ask about the Health Credit Services payment option at checkout.

No, you do not need a medical evaluation or prescription before buying hearing devices.

Soundwave Hearing accepts most major credit cards and offers financing through Health Credit Services.

No…you only pay for shipping & handling if you return your hearing devices within the 45-day Money Back Guarantee window or if your hearing devices are outside the 1-year warranty period.

Yes!  With Soundwave hearing aids you actually take the hearing assessment on your mobile phone, using the otoTune app software – and it’s fast and easy to use.

Most health insurance plans currently do not cover hearing aids. Soundwave Hearing was created as a lower cost alternative while providing a high-quality hearing solution.

Some research suggests hearing aids are beneficial for those with tinnitus or “ringing in the ears”. However, Soundwave hearing aids currently are not intended to be used only as a treatment for tinnitus.

Soundwave hearing aids are designed, engineered and assembled in Glendale Heights, Illinois.

The otoTune App

Pairing your Soundwave hearing aids to your smartphone allows the otoTune app to administer your hearing threshold to establish a hearing profile and program your Soundwave hearing aids to your amplification settings. This sentence sounds complicated. Can’t we just say it tests your hearing to establish a hearing profile…? Your Soundwave hearing aids need to be paired with the otoTune app on your smartphone in order to take the hearing test so your hearing aid amplification matches your hearing loss. You must also have your devices paired with the otoTune app to customize other settings such as the volume, listening mode and equalizer. This process creates your own unique hearing profile within the otoTune App.

The otoTune app uses Bluetooth to pair with your phone. You will need to use a smartphone that has Bluetooth capabilities. The otoTune app will pair with both Android and iOS smartphones. Android versions 5.0 and higher are supported and will pair with your Sontro AI. iOS versions 11 and higher will pair.

Simply go to either the app store on your iOS Apple Phone or to Google Play Store on your Android phone.
Find the otoTune app and download it onto your phone.
Once you have downloaded the app follow the following prompts:

1. Log in, if you already have an account, or Sign up with your email

2. Create a password

3. Enter your first name

4. Enter your last name

5. Enter your birthday

6. Enter your Gender

7. Enter your Address

**Please note if the battery is low the pairing process may take a bit longer.

1. Download the otoTune app from the App Store or Google Play on your smartphone.
2. Turn on both hearing aids by ensuring batteries are placed in each hearing aid and the battery doors are closed.
3. Go to the “Device” screen on your otoTune app.
4. Tap on the Left or Right side to connect to a device.
5. By tapping the Left side of the app you will see a list of available Soundwave hearing aids.
6. Tap on the Left Soundwave hearing aid from the list to connect the left hearing aid.
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the Right hearing aid. Both hearing aids will be connected.

See the Quick Start Guide

First and foremost, please check with the App Store or Google Play to make sure you have downloaded the latest technology.

The otoTune app uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the Soundwave hearing aid. If it appears that the otoTune app is having difficulty pairing with the Soundwave hearing aid, hold the button down on the Soundwave hearing aid for 7 seconds to put it in pairing mode. The otoTune App will now be able to locate the Soundwave hearing aid.

Other pairing tips:

Make sure the Soundwave hearing aid is near your smartphone

Turn the smartphone off and on again
Close and open the app

Turn the smartphone Bluetooth off and on again

Turn the Soundwave hearing aid off and on again by opening and closing the battery door

Double-check that there is not another Soundwave hearing aid paired with your smartphone

For IOS users only – Disconnect the hearing aid from the phone by clicking on the device in the Bluetooth setting and then clicking “forget this device”

1. Pair your Soundwave hearing aid with the otoTune App

2. Find a quiet location to take your hearing test

3. When you hear a tone on the left side, press the left button. For a tone on the right side, press the right button. The test will take about 3 minutes.

In order to have the most successful hearing profile set by the otoTune App, we recommend you take the hearing test in a quiet environment. The otoTune app will also estimate the noise level in the room before the test. Press the right or left button only when you hear a sound. If you miss a tone or thought you heard one and/or did not press the button, otoTune will account for this in the results.

Yes, if you think you hear any tone, even a very soft tone, press the button. We use three tone bursts to make this easier to distinguish soft tones from background noise.

Please be patient. The otoTune app is a high-tech app and needs a few minutes to program the Soundwave Hearing aids to match your personal hearing profile.

If you only have one Soundwave hearing aid paired with the otoTune app, you will be able to change the volume, but you will not be able to take the hearing test.

Yes! We are MiFi certified for Apple smartphones. It is not yet available for Android smartphones.

We have a password recovery feature that uses your email to send a link that, when clicked, allows you to change your password.

If you are logged out, click “I forgot my password” and we will send you a link in your email to reset your password. Click the link in your email and you will be asked to enter a new password.

Press the “I already have an account” on the log in screen

Press “I forgot my password”

On the following screen, fill in your email and request that a new password link be sent to your email

If you have entered the correct email associated with your account, you will receive an email asking you to click a link and go to a reset password page.

Confirm your email on this page and choose a new password.

Your new password will be associated with your account and you will be able to use the otoTune App.

If you press the ‘Start Over’ button during the test, tones will stop playing and you will be returned to the noise level meter screen where you can return to the control page or start a new test.

No, you do not need to take the hearing test again when you change your receivers.

Soundwave hearing aids can only be controlled by one smartphone at a time via Bluetooth pairing. If you want to connect the device to a different phone, you’ll have to unpair the Soundwave hearing aids with the previous phone and pair it with the new smartphone.

Yes, the app displays the battery levels for the left and right devices on the connection page, and also shows a battery indicator on the main control page.

Everyday Use

Absolutely. To ensure the most comfortable fit, put your glasses on first before placing your hearing devices on your ears.

It may take up to 21 days to become accustomed to your Soundwave hearing aids.

Initially you are going to hear many sounds you haven’t heard in a long time. While this may be disorienting at first, over time your brain will adjust to the new sounds.

Voices may sound too loud, especially your own. Time will allow you to adjust to your new sounds.

A comfortable, familiar and quiet environment is recommended in the early stages of using the Soundwave hearing aids. Once you become more comfortable, you can wear the hearing devices in new listening environments.

If your hearing aids are uncomfortable at first, wear them for shorter periods and increase the time as you get accustomed to your new Soundwave hearing aids.

Wearing hearing aids is a major change to your life (does “major change” sound scary here??). Be patient and give yourself time to adjust. Take breaks as needed, but continue to return to your hearing aids as your experience will become normalized and vastly improve over time.

Clean your hearing aids with a clean, dry cloth. Do not use any liquids on your hearing devices as this can cause damage. Use the brush included with your hearing devices to brush away earwax.

Ear domes are recommended to be changed every 3-6 months.

Things such as getting your hearing aids wet, extreme temperatures and dropping your hearing aids should be avoided.

Use the cleaning brush that came with your hearing aids and a clean, dry cloth to gently remove any earwax or other debris from the ear domes and receivers.

You can use a landline phone the same way you would without hearing aids. Your hearing aid microphone sits behind your ear, so placing the receiver to your ear and moving the phone up or down will allow you to find the best position for a clear phone conversation.

Currently this technology is not available for our hearing devices.  Check our website frequently for updates to our technology.

Soundwave hearing aids arrive with a set of different sized ear domes that you can customize to your own ear. Is that first sentence true? Sounds confusing – the next sentence says only medium-sized receivers – delete the first sentence?? The hearing aids are shipped with medium-sized receivers already attached to the hearing devices. If you need a different size receiver, we are happy to ship it to you at no cost.

Replace the receivers if they cease to function or cannot adequately amplify sound. Please go to our website to order new receivers.

Receiver placement and removal:

1. Take each hearing device and hang it over the corresponding Right and Left ear so the body of the hearing device is behind the ear.

2. Hold the receiver where it bends and gently place/push the dome into the ear canal. Push the dome far enough into the ear canal so that the thin tube lies flush with your head. (check in the mirror)

NOTE: If the receiver does not lie flat against the side of your head, you may need a larger or smaller size. Please contact customer service to exchange the size of your receiver.

3. To remove the hearing device, hold the receiver tube where it bends and remove the dome from the ear canal.

Ear dome replacement and removal:
Medium-sized ear domes come attached to your hearing devices. If a dome feels too loose or too tight in your ear canal, remove the dome by pulling it from the receiver and attaching a larger or smaller-sized dome.

1. Firmly grasp the receiver and pull off the ear dome.

2. With a clean dry cloth, remove any wax build up from the end of the receiver.

3. Holding the new dome in your hand, place the receiver into the small hole in the middle of the new ear dome.

4. Push firmly to make sure the new dome is attached securely.

No, you do not need to take the hearing test again when you change your receivers.


The Soundwave hearing aids use a size 312 battery. Replacement batteries are readily available at most drug, grocery and electronics stores.

Most batteries last between 4-7 days.

Coming soon…Soundwave hearing aids will have a rechargeable battery option available for purchase.

Hearing aids will drain the battery when not in use. To ensure longer battery life, open the battery door when you remove your hearing devices from your ears.

If you do not wear your hearing devices for several days, take the batteries out of the devices.

Do not leave a dead battery in the hearing aid, change it ASAP.

Remember to carefully keep track of your batteries. They are dangerous if small children or animals swallow them. Should this happen, seek medical attention immediately.

You can see how much battery life is left on your hearing aids on your otoTune App.

1. Open the battery door by gently pulling down the tab located on the base of the hearing aid.
2. Remove the old battery.
3. Remove the tab on the new battery to activate it.
4. Insert a battery with the positive “+” side facing up.
5. Close the door to turn on the device.


If your hearing aid is not inserted into your ear properly, you may hear whistling or feedback. You may also experience whistling if there is blockage of wax in the ear canal or if your eardrum is stiff from having a cold.

Clean your hearing aid often with the cleaning brush that was provided or a dry cloth.

Check for damage to the receiver tube and ensure it is properly connected to the hearing device.

Reduce the volume on your hearing aid as the volume, if set too high, can cause whistling to occur.If you cannot obtain a good fit, consider a different size ear dome or receiver tube to fit comfortably in your ear. Contact Customer Service if you think you need a different size receiver or ear dome.

Check that the battery is secure and the battery door is properly closed.

Moisture, debris, or earwax can cause weak sound in your receiver.

A loose ear dome can also cause weak sound. Remove the ear dome from your ear canal, and replace it as instructed in the receiver tubes and ear dome section of the FAQs.

Check that the battery is secure and inserted correctly. Replace the battery if needed.

Make sure the battery contacts are not damaged or corroded.

Moisture including humidity, water and sweat can distort sound. You can purchase a dehumidifier from Oaktree Products or Westone Hearing Healthcare.

Try lowering the volume of your Soundwave Hearing aids.

Please do not hesitate to contact Soundwave Hearing Customer Support at 833-367-HEAR (4327), Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM, CST for further assistance.  We’re here to help you enjoy the sounds of life.