Can I use my HSA or FSA funds for Hearing Aids?

HSA or FSA funds can then be used to pay for qualified medical expenses such as hearing aids and hearing aid batteries.

What type of batteries do Sontro Hearing Aids use?

The Sontro Hearing aids use a size 312 battery. Replacement batteries are readily available on our affiliate store at Most batteries last between 4-6 days depending on usage per day.

Can I stream my music/calls/tv through my Soundwave Hearing Aids?

Not at this time. However, our next generation Sontro Hearing Aids will includerechargeable hearing aids andhearing aids with Bluetooth streaming capabilities.

What is the purpose of pairing my Sontro Hearing Aids to my mobile phone?

Pairing your hearing aids to your mobile phone allows the otoTune app to test your hearing, produce a hearing threshold and program your devices to your personal amplification settings. You must also have your devices paired to customize other settings such as volume, listening mode, and equalizer. This process creates your own unique hearing profile within the otoTune app.

Do I pay for shipping when I order my Sontro Hearing Aids?

No, we offer a Risk-Free, 45-day Money Back Guarantee. You only pay for shipping if your hearing devices are outside the 1-year warranty period.

Do I need a medical evaluation or a prescription before buying hearing aids?

No, you do not need a medical evaluation or prescription before buying over-the-counter hearing aids. Once you purchase Sontro Hearing Aids, we will have you take our 3-minute, patented two-button at-home hearing test via our otoTune app. The app automatically tests both ears simultaneously, delivering quick, accurate results. The results are clinically verified and comparable to professionally administered audiograms.

What forms of payment do you take? Can I finance my hearing aids?

Soundwave Hearing accepts most major credit cards and offers financing on our checkout page.

Will my hearing aids fit comfortably?

All Sontro Hearing Aids come with assorted sizes of tulip hearing aid domes to optimize the ideal fit for your ears. Soundwave ships all Sontro Hearing Aids with "one-size-fits-most" receivers. However, occasionally your ear size may require a longer or shorter receiver to help the ear dome and hearing aid receiver stay in your ear canal. Should this be the case, call Customer Support (833)-367-Hear (4327) Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., CST for assistance, or email

Why do I need hearing aids?

Only hearing optimally out of one ear can be very disorienting. So for the best experience and the highest quality of life, all Sontro™ Hearing Aids are sold as a set because the brain processes hearing signals from both ears for improved clarity and a more balanced sound. Even though you may only have hearing loss in one ear, both Sontro Hearing Aids will need to be programmed at the same time to optimize your hearing assessment. After programming your Sontro Hearing Aids to the OtoTune app, you can then use only the one hearing aid to amplify sound in the ear with hearing impairment